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Instantaneous Seismic Electric Detonator; TSED-Al-S1 & TSED-Al-S2

Seismic Electric Detonators are designed for special seismic operations with burning time of electro ignition squib in 1ms. They are used for explorations for oil, gas, thermal water and drilling, underwater blasting, seismic prospecting, blasting under wet conditions.

- Delay range: Instantaneous
- Cable length: on customer demand
- Cable: Coated with PVC, Copper or Iron/tin
- Shell: Aluminum
- Power: No.8
- Sensitivity to impact 20N / 60cm;
- Temperature range: -30 to 60oC
- Tightness remains unchanged holding ED in water at a pressure of 10bar, for 48h at 20°C;
- Not for use in methane - explosive atmosphere!


- Isolated Cu conductor φ1.3/0.6mm, resistance 0.06Ω/m.
- Isolated Fe/Sn provodnik φ1.3/0.6mm, resistance 0.05Ω/m.
- Transport information: UN 0255, Detonators, Electric for blasting, 1.4B

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It must be protected and transported in appropriate areas that dry well ventilated, without exposure to direct sunlight