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Millisecond Electric Detonator, MSED - Al/Cu

Millisecond Electric Detonators are aluminum or copper detonators which can be initiated with electricity. They are used for firing the cap sensitive explosives at desired intervals and sequence, to obtain a good uniform fragmentation, the desired partical size, to decrease vibration and to increase the yield of the blasting in the great blasting operation. They are used in environment which doesn't contain firedamp and other dangerous gases in.

- Delay range: 1-18 (30, 34 ms intervals)
- Delay range: 1-18 (30, 34 ms intervals)


- Digression from nominal delay: for 30 MSED Al/Cu is ±13,5ms & for 34 - MSED Al/Cu is ±15,3ms.
- Cable length: On customer demand
- Cable: Coated with PVC, Copper or Iron/Tin
- Shell: Aluminum or Copper
- Power: No.8
- Transport information: UN 0255, Detonators, Electric for blasting, 1.4B

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It must be protected and transported in appropriate storage areas that dry well ventilated, without exposure to direct sunlight.